Dusk ‘Til Dawn at the Hall: Delaval Dusk Bat Night

Back in May I had the pleasure of attending a Bat Night at the National Trust’s Seaton Delaval Hall. It was a unique opportunity to see some bats but also to have a look around the Hall and Gardens after hours.

Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised to find an entertaining and informative talk (unfortunately the name of the host completely escapes me now) followed by a close up look at a couple of bats before we were let loose around the grounds with bat detectors!

The pictures of the bats unsurprisingly turned out a little fuzzy but I got some beautiful shots in and around the hall.

It was an enjoyable evening and exciting when the bats started to come out to play. Hearing the calls across the various bat detectors then having them suddenly swoop in front of your face was occasionaly surprising!

I would highly recommend going along to any events organised at the hall. The event was extremely well organised and all the trusts staff were helpful and informed.

I’m keeping an eye out and looking forward to attending future events at the hall, hopefully joining on one of the walks to explore the wider estate.20180505_201445103_iOS



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